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T-61.181 Special course in Information Science I (2-5 ov) (L)

Biomedical Signal Processing, Autumn 2004

Place: Seminar room T4 in T-building
Time: Thursdays 14 - 16, starting on September 22 (Notice the change of the first lecture day - Wednesday!)
Language: English
Credit points: 4
Lecturer: D.Sc.(Tech) Ricardo Vigário
Assistant: M.Sc. Jaakko Särelä
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Seminar course description

This graduate course wil follow a pre-print of the book "Biomedical Signal Processing: Electrical Signals in Cardiac & Neurologic Applications", from Leif Sörnmo and Pablo Laguna, to be published by Academic Press. Additional references will include the book "Biomedical Signal Analysis", from Rangaraj Rangayyan, IEEE Press, 2002.

The goal of the seminar is to give an overview of some of the main biomedical signal processing techniques. Regarding EEG and MEG, we should see something about modeling, artifact identification and removal, nonparametric and model-based spectral analysis, segmentation and joint time-frequency analysis. Some closer attention will be given as well to the analysis of event related data. In ECG, we will see standard filtering, QRS detection and data compression methods. The study of arrhythmias will get particular attention.


You need only the basic knowledge about probability and statistics, matrix algebra, and algorithms in order to follow the course. Basic neurophysiology and signal processing knowledge are a welcomed plus. The first lectures will be used to cover the necessary background.

Requirements for passing the course

To pass the course with 4 credits, you have to at least

Signing up for the course

To know how many persons are interested in the course, please register before September, the 15th
(you can use TOPI or informally contact any of the organizers of the course).


Ricardo Vigário and Jaakko Särelä