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Juha Vesanto



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From 1997 to 2002 I was a reseacher and graduate student in
Intelligent Data Engineering group in
Laboratory of Computer and Information Science at
Helsinki University of Technology. I got the doctoral degree (Doctor of Science (Technology)) in June 2002. Currently I work as a data engineer at Xtract.

The theme of my research was the use of Self-Organizing Map (SOM) in data mining and knowledge discovery from databases. It is my belief that the SOM would be a valuable tool in the data understanding / data survey phase of the data mining process, because it is an efficient tool in data segmentation and visualization. However, what was lacking was a set of good postprocessing tools. The tools would allow the data miner to basically throw the data set in a SOM and as an output get a characterization of the data in the form of summarizations and visualizations, aiming to create a better understanding of the data. This is a task which is done over and over again in the course of data mining. Therefore, the constuction of the characterization should be as automated as possible. I handled and partially solved these problems in my research.

Here are some projects I have done / participated in:


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