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Changes made in the different version of the software

v 1.22 vs. 1.21

Changes in functions: cca.m.
  • The new Matlab7 gave an error in cca.m for v1.21 due to a name space conflict that Matlab6 tolerated. This is now corrected by renaming vaiable error into error_.

v 1.21 vs. 1.2

Changes in functions: rindex, icassoCluster, icassoProjection, icassoSimilarity (removed), sim2dis2 (removed), sqrtsim2dis (new), icassoGraph, icassoShow


  • A bug in computing the R-index (relative clustering validity index) has been corrected. (Furthermore, R-index is now computed only up to the (reduced) data dimension by default.)
  • Similarity computations are now made in icassoCluster. Consequently, icassoSimilarity is removed. Input argument syntax of icassoCluster has been changed and it has several new parameters, e.g., the method for computing the similarities and dissimilarities.
  • Input argument syntax of icassoProjection has been slightly changed.
  • Subfunction sim2dis2 is replaced with sqrtsim2dis

Details and other changes

Function rindex has now been corrected. There was a bug in computing the R-index. While the old version of rindex was somewhat reasonably indicating the proper number of clusters, it was still computed differently than what is in the equation of the publication (Himberg et al. 2004).

icassoCluster and icassoSimilarity
Input argument syntax of icassoCluster has been changed. It now uses a ['indentifier',value] -syntax and has several new paramters. Furthermore, similarity computations are now made in icassoCluster: icassoSimilarity is removed since it became useless. Method of computation is now given as an input paramter for icassoCluster. Furthermore, the similarity-to-dissimilarity transformation was previously "hard wired". The transformation can now also be given as a parameter, too. See help text.

By default, R-index is now computed up to the (reduced) data dimension. You can still specify larger values explicitly.

icassoProjection The input parameter for changing similarity-to-dissimilarity transformation ('sim2dis',value) is changed. Input parameter identifier 'sim2dis' is renamed 's2d' and the cell array input is disabled. This simplification has been made in order to avoid certain errors and to be consistent with icassoCluster. See help text.

CCA now uses 75 epochs by default (old 40)

sim2dis2 changed to sqrtsim2dis
Function sim2dis2 (used in icssoProjection) is removed and renamed sqrtsim2dis. sqrtsim2dis(S) performs the same operation as sim2dis2(1,S)

icassoGraph We corrected a bug that made it crash if no R-index values were computed.

The plot title now shows the projection method that is used.

icassoDendrogram The plot title now shows the clustering method that is used.

icassoShow Default value for 'L' is now the (reduced) data dimension as it should be (previously the maximum number of ICs)
Wednesday, 26-Oct-2005 16:36:02 EEST