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T-61.5120 Computational genomics (4-7 cr ECTS) P

[ 2007-2008: I-II (7-Sep-2007 - 13-Dec-2007 | Doc. Sampsa Hautaniemi | Time schedules for lectures, rehearsals and exams 2007-2008 ]
Current (8-May-2007)
o New course starting in September 2007
T-61.5120 Computational genomics (4-7cr) P
Lecturer: Doc. Sampsa Hautaniemi
Assistant: BSc Kari Nousiainen
Contents: Algorithms and models for biological sequences and genomics.
Requirements: Exercises, examination.
Literature: David W. Mount: Bioinformatics - Sequence and genome analysis, 2nd ed., articles, tutorials
Prerequisites: Basic cell biology, basic mathematics courses, T-106.1220/T-106.250.
Language: English

Final exam results and the final grades are available at internal pages (folders FinalExam and FinalGrades).

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