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Since January 1, 2008, the research of the former Laboratory of Computer and Information Science (CIS) is now part of the activities of the Department of Information and Computer Science (ICS) of TKK. The research is conducted within two Academy Centres of Excellence. The Adaptive Informatics Research Centre (2006–2011) is the successor to the Neural Networks Research Centre (1995–2005), and its research is described on these pages.

The Algodan Centre of Excellence (2008–2013) is shared between the University of Helsinki and TKK. Its TKK researchers form the Data Mining and Parsimonious Modelling groups, whose research is described on their own pages.

Our research on Adaptive Informatics is divided into five groups:

  • Algorithms and Methods group conducts basic algorithmic research in adaptive informatics that relies heavily on computer science, mathematics and statistics, and is partly motivated by the research problems of other groups.
  • Multimodal Interfaces group aims at solving the problem of information explosion by fusing several of the available perceptual modalities such as speech, vision and language as well as user feedback.
  • Bioinformatics and Neuroinformatics group develops statistical and adaptive methods for functional genomics based on and contributing to community-resource databanks, and applies our advanced adaptive informatics tools to solve new problems in neuroscience.
  • Computational Cognitive Systems group conducts research on artificial systems that combine perception, action, reasoning, learning and communication.
  • Adaptive Informatics Applications group develops methods that best serve practical applications, and applies these together with enterprises and other organizations on their problems.

An alternative view to our research is provided by our list of projects. The list of reports describes past activities of the CIS laboratory.

Algorithms and methods Multimodal interfaces Adaptive informatics applications Computational cognitive systems Bioinformatics and neuroinformatics

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