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T-61.181 Special course in Information Science I (4 ov) (L)

ICA, Autumn 2001

This graduate course is based on the brand new book Independent Component Analysis (J. Wiley, 2001), written by A. Hyvärinen, J. Karhunen, and E. Oja from our laboratory. The central parts of the book will be covered by lectures given by Profs. J. Karhunen and E. Oja.

Note on returning the assignments:

All exercises and projects should be returned to the course assistant. Recommended ways of doing this are email ( and (HUT internal) mail (Antti Honkela, Lab. of Computer and Information Science, P.O. Box 5400, 02015 HUT).

Please note that the electronic submissions must not contain files in any Windows specific formats. PostScript and PDF are OK, MS-Word is not.


There is an error in computer exercise 7.1 on page 164 of the book. The correct formulation of the problem is:
... Plot the distributions of the observed mixtures. ...
Also the datasets of the second project work are now available. I am very sorry for the delay in publishing them.
The assignments of the second project work are now available.
The assignments of the first project work are now available.
The list of exercise problems is now complete, i.e. no more problems will be given. More information on the computer exercises will appear later.
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