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T-61.181 Special course in Information Science I (3 ov) (L)

Time in Self-Organizing Maps, Autumn 2002

Lecturers: D.Sc. Kimmo Raivio and Prof. Olli Simula
Assistant: Pasi Lehtimäki
Semester: Autumn 2002
Credit points: 3 cr
Place: Seminar room Y313 in the main building of HUT
Time: Mondays 14-16, starting from September 16
Language: English or Finnish

Seminar course description

This graduate course is based on a review article Time in Self-organizing maps: An overview of models written by G de A. Barreto and A. F. R. Araujo and published in International Journal of Computer Research vol. 10, no. 2, pp. 235-259, 2000. The article is about neural models designed to process sequential patterns in engineering and cognitive applications. This type of pattern holds both spatial and temporal information i.e. the samples of spatiotemporal sequence have a temporal order, they have a duration in time, there is a density of patterns in a sequence and the ordered operations cannot be inverted. The main concepts related to the process of spatiotemporal sequences are discussed and various methods to incorporate time dimension into the network dynamics are considered. Most of the models presented in the article are based on Kohonen's self-organizing feature map, but also some other neural methods related to spatiotemporal data analysis can be considered depending on participates interests and the number of participates.


The basic knowledge of pattern recognition and neural network methods are helpful.

Requirements for passing the course

To pass the course (3cr), you have to
  1. participate actively,
  2. give a seminar talk based on chosen articles
  3. write a short document on your articles
  4. and act as an opponent when someone else is giving his/her talk.
The written document should be returned to the course assistant before your talk, which means latest on previous friday.

Please note that the electronic submissions must not contain files in any Windows specific formats. PostScript and PDF are OK, MS-Word is not.

The opponent should be able to ask some questions after the talk or at least give some comment about the talk and the considered models.

Course schedule

Here is the course schedule in autumn 2002. The course will continue on 7th October with first seminar talks.

Signing up for the course

Preferably by WWWTopi or by showing up at the first meeting on September 16. If you cannot make it, send e-mail to
Wednesday, 08-Oct-2008 14:04:55 EEST