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Public domain program packages

Last modified: Tue Mar 25 10:59:19 1997
An anonymous ftp cite contains two public-domain program packages, SOM_PAK for the Self-Organizing Map algorithm and LVQ_PAK for the Learning Vector Quantization algorithms. These program packages have been developed to demonstrate the implementation of these algorithms and to ease first experiments.

The anonymous ftp cite contains also a list of references to papers, where either the SOM or LVQ algorithm has been used.

The current version of the SOM_PAK and LVQ_PAK is version 3.1 and the packages are available via our WWW-page. More information is available here about the following topics:

Questions and comments about the packages should be mailed to

Revision history

Version 3.2 (unofficial) released March 25th, 1997
Hopefully helps for the segfaults some people get from 3.1
Version 3.1 released April 7th, 1995
Contains only a bug fix in random ordering.
Version 3.0 released March 1st, 1995
Version 3.0 containing new programs for the visualization of results and many advanced features conserning application of the algorithms in large problems was released March 1, 1995.

The fine print: This is an unofficial SOM/LVQ_PAK homepage maintained by Jussi Hynninen, who did most of the work for versions 3.x. Opinions expressed here do not necessarily represent the views of the Neural Networks Research Centre. Some assembly required. Batteries not included. Your mileage may vary. All models over 18 years of age, etc...
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