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Mikko Multanen

I'm a researcher in the Laboratory of Computer and Information Science at Helsinki University of Technology.

Contact information

Helsinki University of Technology
Laboratory of Computer and Information Science
P.O. Box 5400 (Konemiehentie 2)
FI-02015 TKK, Finland

E-mail: mmultane at
Mobile: +358 50 531 3024


I was a course assistant in T-61.6050 Special Course in Computer and Information Science 2006.


M. Multanen, K. Raivio and P. Lehtimäki. Hierarchical Analysis of GSM Network Performance Data. In Proceedings of the European Symposium on Artificial Neural Networks (ESANN), pages 449-454, Bruges, April 26 - 28 2006. pdf


M. Multanen. Outlier detection in cellular network data exploration. Master's thesis, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland, May 21 2007. ps

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