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Contact information

Contact us at, for further information. You may also contact individual persons in the list below, if you find it more appropriate.

All bug reports on the DSS MATLAB package should be sent therein, too.

As well, if you publish something on DSS, please let us know.

Alexander Ilin
Climatological application.
Karthikesh Raju
CDMA application.
Jaakko Särelä
Theory of DSS, biomedical application.
Harri Valpola, LCE
Theory of DSS, hierarchical models, invariances.
Ricardo Vigário
Biomedical application.

Commercial support

ZenRobotics Ltd offers commercial support for DSS and other data-analysis methods.

Former personnel

Kosti Kannas
MATLAB package GUI.
Kosti Rytkönen
MATLAB package.

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