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Adaptive Informatics Applications

The practical goal of the Adaptive Informatics Applications (AIA) group is to develop methods that best serve industrial applications, and to apply these together with enterprises to their problems.

The group draws from the expertise of the other groups and acts as a bridge between the more basic research and real-world industrial and commercial applications.

Collaborations are especially solid with telecommunications, process, and energy industries.

The practical goal of the AIA research group is to develop and apply algorithms that best serve the industrial applications. When given a specific task, we study both old and new methods to find the best solution to the given problem.

Time series analysis and prediction is a central tool in modeling of complex dynamical systems, and it is a new focus area of the AIA research group.

In telecommunications, we investigate the level of quality of service in mobile networks based on spatiotemporal signals.

The research in our laboratory on efficient processing of large-vocabulary continuous speech provides solid basis for applications such as the collection, search, retrieval and management of large quantities of audio and multimodal data.

In process industries, the monitoring of the plant state and diagnosis of disturbances can be supported by the tools of visualization and variable selection that have been developed in our laboratory.

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