Helsinki University of Technology

Laboratory of Computer and Information Science
Adaptive Informatics Research Centre
From Data To Knowledge Research Unit
(research projects under the CIS laboratory)

Biennial report 2006-2007

K. Raivio, R. Vigário, and L. Koivisto, editors

Otaniemi, April 2008

ISSN 1796-4121 (electronic version)
ISSN 1795-5092 (printed version)


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I--Adaptive Informatics Research Centre: Research Projects
Algorithms and Methods PDF
Bioinformatics and Neuroinformatics PDF
Multimodal interfaces PDF
Computational Cognitive Systems PDF
Adaptive Informatics Applications PDF
Individual projects PDF Publications of the Adaptive Informatics Research Centre PDF

II--From Data to Knowledge Research Unit: Research Projects under the CIS Laboratory Publications of the From Data to Knowledge Research Unit PDF