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Related material

Other ICA resampling and reliability analysis methods and studies

Publications and software on ICA resampling by F. Meinecke et al. ICA resampling package (especially for JADE/TDSEP).

Resampling in ICA-fMRI studies by J. Ylipaavalniemi and Vigário, e.g., Analysis of Auditory fMRI Recordings via ICA: A Study on Consistency. In Proc. IJCNN 2004, vol. 1, pp. 249-254. [author's homepage]

H. Stogbauer, A. Kraskov, S. A. Astakhov, and P. Grassberg. Least-dependent-component analysis based on mutual information. Physical Review E 70(6), Art. No. 066123 (2004) [abstract on publisher's WWW site]

Publications using Icasso

J. A. Berger, S. K. Mitra, and H. Edgrin. Studying DNA microarray data using independent component analysis, Proceedings of the International Symposium on Control, Communications, and Signal Processing (ISCCSP 2004), 2004, pp. 747-750. [author's homepage]. (Uses Icasso on a bioinformatics task)

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