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This research area was started within PRIMA project in 2003 and continues within later research projects.


Successful proactivity, i.e. anticipation, in varying contexts requires generalization from past experience. Generalization, on its part, requires suitable powerful (stochastic) models and a collection of data about relevant past history to learn the models.


The goal of PRIMA project is to build statistical machine learning models that learn from the actions of people to model their intentions and actions. The models are used for disambiguating the users' vague commands and anticipating their actions. The actions and interests are monitored by measuring eye fixations and movements that exhibit both voluntary and involuntary signs of the users' intentions. (An overview)

On-Going Projects

Earlier Projects

Example eye movement trajectory


Adaptive Informatics Research Centre
Helsinki University of Technology, Finland
Research group on Statistical Machine Learning and Bioinformatics
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1 March - 30 September 2005
The objective of the Challenge is to predict from eye movement data whether a reader finds a text relevant.

NIPS 2005 Workshop


December 10 at Whistler, Canada
The workshop is intended to gather together machine learning researchers interested in a new promising and challenging research area. Half of the papers will introduce best-performing solutions of the Challenge, the rest will broaden the scope towards other implicit feedback signals, and towards more general problems of user modeling.

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