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Screenshots of SOM Toolbox 2.0

[IRIS data set] [Different kinds of SOM grids] [Data and SOM network]
The IRIS data set: all four components and the subspecies information visualized (som_grid). Different kinds of SOM grids (som_cplane, som_grid). Data and the SOM network (som_grid).
[Component planes] [U-matrix and labels] [Distance matrix]
Component planes of SOM (som_show). U-matrix and labels (som_show, som_show_add). Distance matrix with height (som_umat, som_grid).
[Bar charts] [Hits from different classes] [Trajectory]
Components as bar charts (som_barplane). Hits from the three different subspecies (som_show_add). Line trajectory of sequential samples (som_show_add).
[Colorcode] [Colorcode and distance matrix] [Colored PCA-projection]
Similarity coloring of the map grid (pcaproj, som_colorcode, som_show). Similarity coloring with distance matrix as size (som_umat, som_show). PCA projection of map and data (pcaproj, som_grid).
[Initialization & training GUI] [Preprocessing GUI]
Initialization and training GUI (som_gui). Preprocessing GUI (preprocess).

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