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SOM Toolbox

This is the homepage of SOM Toolbox, a function package for Matlab 5 implementing the Self-Organizing Map (SOM) algorithm and more. You can

SOM Toolbox also features other data analysis methods related to VQ, clustering, dimension reduction, and proximity preserving projections, e.g.,
A short introduction to SOM by Teuvo Kohonen.

SOM Toolbox 2.0


Latest news:

Mar 23th, 2005
You will probably run into problems with Matlab 7...>>>
Mar 17th, 2005
Bug corrections>>> (e.g., som_fuzzycolor), a brush up of the WWW pages.
August 7th, 2003
Some modifications have been done to be compatible with Matlab 6.5.

Kindly observe that the members of the SOM Toolbox team have left CIS or are involved with other duties. Therefore, we cannot currently guarantee any support in using SOM Toolbox.

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