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Bioinformatics and Neuroinformatics

In the Bioinformatics research team of the Bioinformatics and Neuroinformatics group, we develop methods for enhancing inference on new functional genomics data with the data and background knowledge accumulating into community-resource databanks. Our current pilot projects are on neurotrophic factors, cancer, yeast systems biology, and human endogenous retroviruses. The methods focus on relevant aspects of data and relevant samples. The relevance is inferred from interrelationships between data sets.

We also apply probabilistic dynamical models to systems biology, especially to modelling gene transcription regulation.

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Human Mouse Contingency table

The Neuroinformatics team applies our advanced adaptive informatics tools to solve new problems in neuroscience such as functional mapping of the human brain and cortical mechanisms for muscle control. Conversely, we help tuning and proposing new such tools, as well as suggest new problems.

Contact: Samuel Kaski, sami.kaski at

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