I am former summer student at the Laboratory of Computer and Information Science. I have been working here twice, in summer 2003 (19.5. - 17.8.) and in summer 2004 (26.5.-26.8.) I was guided by Kai Puolamäki and Jarkko Salojärvi.

Special assignments

  • T-61.195 Special assignment, information technology 5.7.2004. (PSPDF)
  • Mat-1.125 Special assignment, mathemathics 6.9.2004. (PSPDF)

Thanks to all who helped me during my work!

Please visit my personal homepage (in finnish) if you like.

Contact Information

  • E-Mail ilkka.kudjoi (at) {hut (study), iki (personal)}.fi
  • Mobile phone +35844-5545552
Wednesday, 15-Sep-2004 15:59:11 EEST