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Downloads and update logs

SOM Toolbox 2.0 downloadables

Note: Some advanced visualizations/GUIs do not work in the newest MATLABs (6.5-)

Item (date) Files
SOM Toolbox 2.0 (Mar 17 2005) [417kb]
On-line (HTML) manual (Aug 2003) [821kB]
Manual and tutorial (April 2000) PDF [3Mb] | Both PS and PDF (zipped) [760kB]

A note about the documentation...

Several functions have been added to the package after completing the tutorial (April 2000). The on-line help files are more up-to-date. You can download them from above or browse them here The most up-to-date documentation is found in the help texts of the MATLAB functions themselves. Try, e.g.,
>>help somtoolbox

News and updates

There seems to be some problems with som_show visualization in the new Matlab 7.. The operation of MATLAB function subplot seem to have changed. We are not sure if we are able to correct this for a while.

Aug 7th 2003 / Mar 16th 2005

Version history

Find older versions of SOM Toolbox 2 and 1, a list of changes between versions 1 and 2, and a complete update log 1999-2003 here >>>

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